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We guarantee no bed bugs for 1 year after heat treatment or we will treat for free anytime within the year.

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Heat Treating


At Bed Bug Eliminator's we use heat to eliminate bed bugs, which is the only effective way to completely get rid of them. 

  • Heat treating is a safe and effective method to take care of your bed bug nightmare.
  • Other methods tend to cause the bed bugs to simply move to other places in the house, causing the need to treat a bigger area to get rid of them. 

How Do I Know if I Have Bed Bugs?

  •  If you find skin casings, blood marks, spots of dark fecal matter and eggs. 
  • Bed bugs are usually found hiding together. 
  • Bed bugs prefer to be close to where they feed so popular places to find them would be around beds, mattresses, bed frames, bedding, bed head boards, items around bed,and around any where people sleep on a regular bases.

Detect Them Early

Bed bugs can spread fast. Avoid a large scale problem by identifying them early and having them exterminated professionally. Call today for an estimate



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